Adobe Introduces Smart Folders to Lightroom CC

You can now create smart folders in Lightroom CC – that’s the headline I want to read in one of Adobe’s upcoming announcements. It’s a humble request, really. The technology already exists in the form of “smart collections” in Lightroom Classic and I think it wouldn’t be too difficult for Adobe’s talented developers to adapt it to CC. That’s why … Read More

The Value of Adobe’s Photography Plan

It seems like many people are unhappy with Adobe’s subscription model and the price tag of their photography plans, especially ever since Adobe released its new product line in mid-October 2017. And yet, most Adobe customers have not switched to a different solution. They either like Adobe products or they can’t find a good alternative. Nobody seems to stay with Adobe … Read More

My Quest for a New Digital Asset Manager

Ever since Apple replaced Aperture with Photos, I used the latter as my sole digital asset manager (DAM) and overlooked its many shortcomings (like the weak metadata capabilities, for example). I also ignored the annoying fact that it is impossible to organize photos from to two different Apple IDs in just one library. Like many others, I lived in the hope … Read More