Adobe Introduces Smart Folders to Lightroom CC

You can now create smart folders in Lightroom CC – that’s the headline I want to read in one of Adobe’s upcoming announcements. It’s a humble request, really. The technology already exists in the form of “smart collections” in Lightroom Classic and I think it wouldn’t be too difficult for Adobe’s talented developers to adapt it to CC. That’s why I submitted the idea to Adobe’s community forum.

Now we just need as many upvotes as possible to strengthen the petition, so please vote for the request! The absence of smart folders is one of Lightroom CC’s biggest pain points. I use them all the time in Lightroom Classic and I’m sure many of you do, too. If the all-new Lightroom CC provided smart folders, I would switch to it in a heartbeat.

Well, that’s probably not completely true since Lightroom CC doesn’t automatically stack the two photos of a RAW+JPEG pair together, which is another pain point. This doesn’t make sense and needs to be fixed, so please vote for this idea as well.

Finally, there’s the enormous disadvantage that the all-new Lightroom CC doesn’t yet support external editors. This is a big one! In Lightroom Classic we can transfer photos directly from the Library to Luminar 2018 or Affinity Photo. In Lightroom CC, however, we can send them to Adobe Photoshop only. I’m pretty sure that Adobe intends to support third-party editors in the future, but it won’t hurt if we boost the idea by voting for it here.

Thanks for your help!

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